Imly – A chatpata stopover


After hearing positive reviews about its two branches in Delhi, Imly was on my bookmarked list from quite some time. Located in the middle of a business park, One Horizon Center an upscale area of Gurgaon, Imly attracts people of all age groups. Surrounded by fine dining restaurants this place holds its own charm. The restaurant is quite small and has no theme as compared to its Delhi branches. But nevertheless it is quite vibrant and colorful with outdoor seating as well.


The restaurant is an absolute paradise for vegetarians. I started my meal with their Palak Patta Chat, a chat of crispy fried palak leaves topped with thick curd and chutneys, totally living upto my expectations. I also ordered Dabli, Dahi gol gappa chat and Dahi k sholey. Dabli did not taste as nice as I have had in past at other restaurants. Wherever I go I do order dahi k sholey and at Imly they were perfectly cooked with mild flavor. The star however, was Dahi gol gappa chat. Served in a miniature giant wheel it was picture perfect and delicious at the same time. To go along with these, I ordered Pineapple Banta which was quiet refreshing.





At last, the bill is served in coconut shell with couple of imly toffees. Justifying their tagline, Imly is truly a chatpata stopover. The restaurant successfully serves a lot of tongue tickling dishes of the Indian palette that is spicy and tangy. A colorful place serving chatpata khana should be on every foodie must visit list.



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