Girl on ROLL x Bhane


Bhane, the more I speak about this label the more I fall in love with it. Focusing on creating a contemporary, youthful and dynamic collection, Bhane has successfully become a people’s brand. The brainchild of Anand Ahuja, the brand runs on a simple philosophy, i.e. to be respectful and considerate of people to express their individuality, confidence and style. The signature style of Bhane’s designs is essentially universal, incorporating superb fabric quality and colour playing a prominent role.




Following Bhane from quite some time, I just couldn’t help but fall for its individuality and unpretentious clothing range. Continuing with my easy chic vibe, I paired a black shirt dress with uber cool comfortable pants. The silhouette is crispy, simple and very sheek. The garments were so relatable depicting the flavour of simplicity and universality. The good fabric quality and comfortable cuts makes them very much wearable and goes well with my personal taste. Sold separately by the brand, both the shirt dress and pants exude unmatched comfort. The easy silhouettes make them versatile separates that can be styled together or even worn individually. I personally experienced that the garments gave me a very sense of ‘me’ and it’s very much visible in the pictures.




The ethics which set Bhane apart from other brands is that Bhane has laid its foundation in the interest of people and their taste. Each season, the label comes up with a range of distinctly refreshing and utilitarian pieces which are light on pocket and doesn’t break the bank. Each garment is both universal and versatile that nothing can stop the wearer in making them their own. The images seamlessly highlight my love for Bhane. And if you love what I love, then head on to elevate your everyday style with this people’s brand – Bhane. Love.!




Styled and Modeled by Payal Yadav

Photographed by Pritiza Barua

Top – Bhane

Pants – Bhane


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