Girl on roll X A..saga 2


A..saga – The Folk Studio, the label that breathes freshness and modernity is baby of designer Ankita Sagar. The brand designs each piece of collection meticulously to reach a perfect amalgamation of comfort, quality and style. A..saga launched their spring summer collection ‘Folk Twisters’ in June. The collection includes some great handpicked fabrics for breathable summers. Ajrakh, Ikat, Kalamkari, south cotton handcrafted by artisans from Gujarat, Rajasthan, Andhara Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are part of the collection.




In my last post of A..saga I talked about red cowl dress. In this post, I’ll be talking about my another favourite dress from the collection. And it is ‘off-shoulder sleeve collar dress’ which is made from Ikat of Orissa. The design breaks the monotony and this new sleeve collar design totally blew me up. With the first look at the dress I decided to make it a part of my wardrobe. The garment has a modern feel but with the great usage of fabric, it has not lost its aesthetics rooted in Indian style.



All you pretty ladies visit the A..saga Facebook and Instagram page for some exclusive garments to add in your wardrobe.




Modeled and Conceptualized by Payal Yadav

Photographed by The Thespians

Dress – A..saga


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