Fringes by Promod


Little fringes harmed no one and as far as I know no girl on this planet dislikes fringes. I have always seen people carrying fringes in one or the other fashion item. So, this season I finally went shopping looking for fringes. I feel fringes are not only the flavour of this season but this trend has been here from a long time. You can find fringe tops, fringe bags, skirts, scarves and even fringe earrings. And look I bought myself a fringe shrug from Promod.




Promod is originally a French women’s fashion brand. To be honest, Promod is one of my go to fashion brands. They strive to create fashion that you would want to wear focusing on your personal style instead of blindly following the quick fads. It’s super feminine and I love how they use plain but intense colors for each piece that stands out.




A fringe shrug is the perfect way to spice up a boring ensemble. You don’t have to do much to style it, a simple solid coloured top with shorts or jeans can and instantly give life to your outfit from simple and mundane to uber stylish and chic. The placement of fringes at sleeves gives it a very modern spark despite the traditional flower pattern. What more I could have asked for, a perfect fringe garment from my go to shopping brand Promod. Fringes can be a tad bit difficult to style, but if you know what you’re doing you can pull off with perfection.




Styled, Modeled and Conceptualized by Payal Yadav

Photographed by Rijul Gera

Top – Only

Jeans – Levi’s

Shrug – Promod

Footwear – Catwalk



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